Wedding Anniversary Messages For Husband


We have compiled a list of wedding anniversary messages for husband to help you express how grateful you are, and how much you love your husband. Your husband is the man who make you always smile, he’s your other half, he completes you.

wedding anniversary messages for husband
wedding anniversary messages for husband

Whatever gift you will give him in your precious anniversary, a personal note or message would be a good addition to enhance and make your relationship even stronger.

Wedding Anniversary Messages and Wishes For Husband Collection #1

Every day of my life, I feel like it is my anniversary, Coz you have kept me as your princess,Thanks my sweet hubby, Wish you a very happy anniversary!

This day is really special to me, Because this day I get a chance to tell you, That you have a special place in my heart my love,I love you, Wish you a happy anniversary!

I am really lucky that you came in my life, Five years back, That was a perfect day for me, Wish you a very happy anniversary!

Time has changed, But you are still the same, I still love you when you call me by my name, Happy anniversary dear!

I really can’t express my desire in words,With you each moment has been wonderful, I love you so much, Happy anniversary baby!

I have learned so much from you my dear, I have had a wonderful time of my life, Only because of you, Thank you for everything,Happy anniversary dear!

As the days are passing by, My love for you is increasing with time, I want to tell you on this special day, That I love you a lot, Happy anniversary!

Before I met you,I really didn’t know the meaning of love, But, now after staying with you, I know what love is, Happy anniversary!

A little hug from me to you, On this special day, I would like to tell you that you mean the world to me, Thanks for coming in my life, Happy anniversary!

Days are just magical with your company,I am in a different world, Baby I love you so much, On this day of togetherness, Let me wish you happy anniversary!

You make me feel so good You make me feel no nice So glad that I met you So good to be called your wife Nothing really changed with timeOur love has increased Coz together we were destined Wishing you a very happy anniversary!

You bring a smile to my face You have that cute charming grace I feel so blessed to have you You make my world so new Had a memorable journey with you my love Had an amazing time with you As my love for you is true Wishing a very happy anniversary to you!

Our marriage has been a wonderful journey With many smiles and less tears I wish this journey continues this way So that I be happy with you each day Coz you are the reason for my smile Baby all the way and every whileWishing you a very happy anniversary!

It’s a celebration of life each day with you It is the celebration of love I knew,Each day is special in your company My love will not change till eternity Baby I know you will always be there With your charming smile and special care Wishing you a very happy anniversary!

I wish to express my love to you And wish to renew the vow we had Of all the pretty moments that we spent Of all the memories hand in hand Baby I love you very much I can still feel your loving touch I love you a lotWishing you a very happy anniversary!

It’s been so many years But I still feel the same love from your side There are times when you hide But, you also express your love My life with you has been wonderful A bond so special..A bond so beautiful Wishing you a very happy anniversary!

I gave my heart to you many years back But it’s still with you and beats for you You know you play a special role in my life I am so lucky to be called your wife My baby I love you so much Today I just want to say That you mean a lot to meWishing you a very happy anniversary!

The years of togetherness and wishes in the heart I wish that we never grow apart On this special day I want to confess it to you That you mean a lot to me And that I still love you That is so true, I still love you!Wishing you a very happy anniversary!

I still feel the spark when I look at you I still feel elated when I see you I still feel the heat when you come close It’s like my love for you is enclosed In my heart forever my hubby dear You bring the smile and cheer Wishing you a very happy anniversary!

Each day is like celebration with you All the special moments old and new The feelings have remained unfazedMy love has not changed at all It’s crazy being your wife But what to do when you are my life Wishing you a very happy anniversary!

For me, you have been my lifeI am so blessed that I am your wife Blessed has been each phase of life When we shared all our joys alike Thanks for all the love you gave Thanks for making my life beautiful Wishing you a Happy Anniversary To my hubby dear!

I don’t need flowers everyday I don’t need new things to say Don’t need an assurance from you Don’t need any promises to stay Just need your love every way And that is enough to make my day My lovely husband I love you Wishing you a very Happy AnniversaryIt’s a lovely day!

That spark that I see on your face You have that charm and that grace My love for you has only increased My love for you has made me crazyBaby can’t stay a single day without youKnow that I truly love you Oh yes..I truly do I am in love with you Wishing you a Happy Anniversary!

You have made me realize the other side of lifeYou have made me realize that things are fine When you are besides me my hubby dear My life is more colorful with cheer So stay, as you are my hubby Because there is no one like you Wishing you a Happy Anniversary!

Your love has made me something elseI am so happy with you I can’t imagine living a lifeWithout you My hubby you are a friend to me You are a guide when I need you You are a part of my heart It will stay this way forever in hueThanks for making my life wonderful Wishing a Happy Anniversary to you!

There is no other like you You are loving and caring too You are such a gem in life You are my reason for smile I am so blessed to have a loving hubby As loving as you can be Thanks for making my life wonderful Happy Anniversary to you oh dear!

This journey is truly special for me This journey will change for sure I have had the best memory of my life With you along in the sight My life will be all the more wonderful You have truly bought a smile So happy to have you in my life Happy Anniversary to you my life!

So many moments I can’t explain So many beautiful things to say You make me feel so good oh dear With you in love and life a cheer Baby do not change I love you so much Pure love like your hug and that touch Wishing you a very happy Anniversary Lots of love from me!

I had heard that the bond of marriage is foreverNow I saw that it is so true Yes our bond is special I know And it’s true and loving tooYou make me feel so good in the relation That I purely share with you You truly make me feel loved Happy Anniversary to you!

I have all the reasons to smile I have reasons to stay happy I have reasons to stay lovely Because you and me are lovelyThe respect and love I have for youWill never change ever in life and through Baby I am in love with you Happy Anniversary to you!

I still remember that first promise That first smile you had when you held my hand That first kiss we shared on our marriage The way you always understand There is no one as special as you areYou are my life’s shining star I love you so much Happy Anniversary to you!

Simple love that I can see in your eyes Making me all the more wise I have shared with you my sorrows and smilesAll the pretty moments along It is truly a wonderful thing I can say Just like the beautiful song You have made my life wonderful Thank you so much hubbyHappy Anniversary to you!

It’s so cozy and the love is so pureWith you, there was an instant allure Nothing has really changed over the years My heart beats in the same way for you My dear I am so in love with you A love as loving as you are Baby you are mine forever Happy Anniversary to you!

Marriage is fun and it has been good All the wonderful things we shared All the things we did to care Our marriage has really been greatSo thank you so much my hubby dear It was a thing of fate Happy Anniversary to you!

I hope you liked these wedding anniversary messages for husband collection, I will keep it updated from time to time.

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